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Oct 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
now. johns hopkins is estimating 10 million customers will lose electric yeefr the next few days. >> abc news reporter tj winnik is in new jersey as the storm makes land fall. >> good evening, i can tell you three hours ago wind began to howell. -- howl. right now cape may is experiencing a high tide. hurricane sandy is expectsed to make land fall near lantic city, new jersey. >> this is a serious storm. woilt have fatal conseex qenss if people haven't acted quickly. >> a nearly 12 foot storm surge is possible in nork city. a crane partially collapsed in manhattan. residents bracing for more flooding. >> they're talking about surges we've not seen before. so there is nothing at all to be taken lightly. >> as hurricane sandy collides with an early winter storm, snow is falling in west virginia and north carolina. >> it's one of those things. >> that is downing down. >> the coast guard staged a rescue for 14 crew members on board a ship. they're searching for two passengers. sandhya shut down the federal government, new york stock exchange and mass transit from boston to washington
Oct 31, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. john miller and dave fleming going gangman style. then giants style took over. when the team made their way onto the stage. nice assignment there, care yes lynn. she begins our team coverage. >> it was sweet. look behind me. you can see tear down and clean up have begun but it was a fantastic program from start to finish, sunny at times, alls moving. i don't think fans could have asked for more. take a look. they got to see bruce bochy coming out with a world series trophy. there was the mayor, ed lee giving larry bayer the keys to the city. and a golden broom to commemorate the sweep of the tigers. it was always, always, about the fans. >> thank you for always being there. i thank you. and thank you for making this one of the greatest moments of my life. thank you. >> we went to st. louis. they weren't as loud as you. that is why we won. thank you very much. i want everyone to lose your mind as we do this. this is how we did it. loork look. look. loork! >> sharing that pep rally taking the fans into the dugout was a very special moment. as was how the program ended. tony ben yet
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2